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Many organizations today face downtime in their applications due to software glitches. Apart from leading to loss in sales, this can also potentially harm the organization's reputation with customers and shareholders. Faced with constant pressures to deliver better value in a shorter time, many organizations now rely increasingly on independent verification and validation of their software applications and products. Thorough and detailed Software Testing of your applications before they are pressed into production can give them the assurance that their product/application will be able to perform reliably and hence add value to the business.

Blue Diamond Quality Assurance services provide customers with a comprehensive suite of customizable software testing services & tools, providing on-demand resources and multiple service delivery models to global organizations that will meet their quality goals and budget. Our QA Services offer extensive onsite experience and a proven methodology to dramatically improve the project's success rate by quickly identifying and resolving the issues.

The philosophy of the Blue Diamond Quality Assurance service is to deliver products and services that instill a high level of confidence in the quality of the systems that our customers deploy. This is accomplished through the use of a reliable, reusable, and repeatable testing process. Our focus is to continually develop a practical process that assists test personnel and not a theoretical high level process for academic discussions. The result is a practical and economical process that has proven itself in the commercial software development market.

Blue Diamond combines experience, expertise and cost-effective proven solutions to meet demanding Software Quality Assurance requirements, helping to ensure faster delivery of quality software that offers increased stability and higher performance. We work with our clients through process and technology changes that impact and enhance their competitive advantage. In doing so, we leverage the combined strength of our technology skills, domain knowledge, software quality assurance expertise, process focus and commitment to long-term client relationships, to deliver the utmost in value.

We have serviced many Fortune 500 clients in the areas of Software Quality Assurance strategy and process improvement, test automation, test planning and execution, and test base maintenance.

Our skilled QA Practice group consultants have undertaken projects of all sizes or complexities and they have the expertise to cope with most challenging projects. They are focused on consistently providing world class Software Quality Assurance services on time and within budget thus enabling our customers to deliver High quality software. With our proven methodologies and best practices, you can get a managed testing service with a guarantee for the delivery of test results proving due diligence, costs within budget, agreed service levels and fully auditable test plans, procedures and results.